Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Loving it..this is my beloved parents. From their love i was born, i can see the beautiful world, listen to a natural earth song, breathing and growing till up now. I love them with all my heart..seeing them holding and hook  up to each other day by day , time by time, make me so happy. I can feel the happiness in their i love and happy to see them love each i proud to become their daughter, i m so lucky been part of their life. They never treated me bad..always there for me..listen to me whenever i need a listener. Always been there for me all the time i need them.LOVE U MUM AND DAD.
I pray may Allah always bless them for the rest of their life..let their love keep growing n never less forever, let them be together forever.


wannie did it the best.'s been long never update my blog.suddenly feel like to update it now.
Well nothing much to say,i m happy seeing my blog face..thank my dear what u did to the layout.i appriciated..big hug and kiss for you..